Destination wedding at Villa Le Fontanelle in Florence

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Villa Le Fontanelle, Florence

Destination wedding in Florence, Villa le Fontanelle. Rellini art studio wedding photographers Umbria Tuscany Florence Chianti

Bryan & Rachel


We had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Bryan and Rachel.

We could only meet them and talk on Skype the week before their big day as they were traveling from the USA to Florence. Photographing a couple you really don’t know can be difficult: part of our job is understand how to make them feel comfortable and how to get the best from them without pushing. There must be some kind of connection.

Fortunately they were so nice and kind from the first moment that we felt sympathy and closeness that we had really a good time working with them all day long.

They had their ceremony held at beautiful Sala Rossa in Florence town hall, then we wandered in the city centre taking photos in the most popular spots, and then back to Villa Le Fontanelle on the hills north from Florence.

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Oh, let the happiness in
Listen to the waves against the rocks
I don’t know where they’ve been
I’m waiting for the skies to open up
And let the happiness in
— David Sylvian

Wedding photographer Villa le Fontanelle, Florence

Destination wedding photographer in Florence, Tuscany