Engagement photo session in London

Owen & Liz

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I met Owen & Liz at Victoria central station in London last summer since I shot the weddings of two couples they know. We had lunch together and spoke about photography, planning the wedding, and interests we have in common like guitars!

I was impressed by their mix of closeness and natural elegance, they looked to me the kind of couple I really love to shoot on the wedding day. They were only worried not to feel relaxed in from of the camera so we decided to do an engagement photo session.

So me and Serena headed back to London during the Christmas period and we spent an amazing day with them taking pictures in the places they love the most.

We started in Primrose hill where they got engaged.

We had an incredible sunset there on the top of the hill. There were number of people enjoying the view that were immediately attracted by our little shooting but Owen and Liz didn’t seem to care as we were having such fun.

After sunset we reached a local pub where they kissed. I wanted to recreate that moment by placing them beside the window and lighting them up with a wireless flash.

We ended up in central London at Oxford Street and Regent Street with is amazing angel shaped Christmas lights.


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Engagement in London